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Werner is an active member of the Oregon Bar and is admitted to practice in all Oregon Courts. Additionally, he is
admitted to the Federal Court for the District of Oregon, as well as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Civil Litigation Defense

Years at a major insurance company provided Werner with a broad framework to understand litigation defense through his law school experience. Even where your lawsuit leaves you no wiggle-room, negotiating a good settlement can often save you time and resources. Negotiating is more than dickering with the plaintiff attorney; thoroughly understanding your issues and how best to mitigate the risk the other side represents is foundational. If that is not a possibility, the courtroom can often result in good news, when you are working with a thorough, prepared attorney.

Estate Planning

A proper estate plan is no different from litigation analysis: mitigate risks and provide a sound package for one’s clients. My plans provide not just your will or trust, but also your advanced directive (health matters), powers of attorney (property matters), disposition of remains, and HIPAA access. With the complete package at hand, you and your representatives can rest easy knowing that when you need to act, the tools are available to you, ready to go.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Oregon’s statutes on landlord and tenant law are tricky, exacting, and a trap for the unwary litigant. Werner has handled numerous matters for both landlords and tenants. Further, he sits as a pro tem judge in circuit court, where he has heard numerous landlord tenant cases. This allows him a broad understanding of Oregon’s landlord tenant law.

Personal Injury

Werner’s years in the insurance industry have left him uniquely positioned to understand insurance companies and their negotiating strategies. Additionally, the tactics he used to settle claims quickly provide him the skills to do so for your claim. His frank, honest evaluation of your claim will help you decide what strategy is best for your situation.

About Peter

A 1993 graduate of Oregon State University – Corvallis and a 2008 graduate of Willamette Law in Salem, Peter began private practice in 2009, representing clients in various areas of law. In June of 2010, he became associate general counsel at a billion dollar credit union. For over 2 years during the peak of the recession, he was involved in all aspects of institutional and corporate law, including commercial litigation, settlement negotiations, and enforcement of creditor’s rights in state and federal courts. Additionally, he helped to build a growing Recovery Department. Peter is admitted to practice in all Oregon courts. Additionally, he is admitted to the Federal Court for the District of Oregon, as well as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

A resident of Bend, Oregon since 1999, Peter is involved and invested in the Central Oregon and legal community. He currently sits on the City of Bend’s Budget Committee. He served 1.5 years on the Bend Planning Commission, the last 6 months as Vice-Chair. He serves on the board of directors for the Bend Velodrome Project. He has been involved with alternative transportation advocacy and efforts in Bend and Deschutes County, and in 2010, he was awarded the Big Chain Ring Award by the County. He is an Oregon Bike Racing Assoc. (OBRA) race official. He enjoys fly-fishing in between racing assignments.

Peter Werner specializes in litigation, personal injury, estate planning, and landlord / tenant disputes.

Peter A. Werner, Attorney for Bend and Central Oregon

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